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What is Mantras for Peace?

Together, we learn ancient Sanskrit mantras for chanting and meditation. The sounds of the Sanskrit mantras actually create the sensation of peace, thereby connecting our heart’s deep wish for peace with the mind’s intention and the tangible sound.

We invite participants to think, chant, or sing simple mantras for peace at least once per day for 108 days.

Learning Tools Included:

  • 108 days of email lessons, tips, and inspirations for the transformational power of mantra.
  • Mp3 sound files of the mantras to loop on your phone and chant along with.
  • Ongoing classes where we teach other peace mantras via FBLive and other free video formats.

Community Connection Opportunities:

  • Regular online conferences where we chant all together, and have an opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, etc.
  • A monthly non-violent, compassionate communication course to parallel the mantra practice and help people disarm their internal and external communication battles. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the next free call time!)
  • An active Facebook group to share experiences and ask questions
  • Interviews and multi-media collaborations with peace visionaries from all global traditions.
  • Mark your place on the Mantra Peace Grid, as an active beacon of peace!

Course themes:

  • How to use the sound of mantra to transform your thoughts from negative (fear-based) to positive (love-based).
  • How to become intimate with the subtle, middle levels of speech that are crucial to peace-making. Ideally, we can catch the thought before it becomes a word. Or, at least we can catch the word before it becomes an action.
  • Discover how sacred sound is rooted in listening, and tune your ear to the harmony beneath apparent discord. Clear the static of mental distraction so your inner voice is crystal clear.
  • Contemplation on the ultimate purpose of the great yogic teachings: service to the welfare of all. First, we get a healthy body and mind ourselves, and then we employ ourselves as instruments of peace in our communities.
  • Penetrating exploration of the subtle, refined points of mantra and sound.
  • Dozens of practical tips for integrating mantric consciousness into daily, modern life. (This is yoga for moms and dads, office workers, teachers, and students, not just cave-dwellers!)

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