Here is the mantra in Devanāgarī, the Sanskrit script:

लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु

Simple Word-by-word Meaning

Lokāḥ Worlds
Samastāḥ All
Sukhino Happy
Bhavantu May Become

Hear *ONLY* the Main Mantra Again

If the video to the left doesn’t start playing, Click for a 47 second video of Anandra chanting the mantra. 

Interestingly, she’s in the forest where  a historical prayer ceremony took place for the benefit of all beings, about 8,000 years ago! (For Rāmāyaṇa nerds: It was Vaśiṣta’s yajña, when Rāma and Lakṣmāna revealed their true powers.)

More videos on pronunciation will be added soon. 🙂 Happy chanting!

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Our Daily Practice

This mantra is usually chanted at the end of a meditation session, kīrtan, or other type of personal or group practice. Typically, it’s repeated three times, and followed by Auṁ Śāntiḥ Śāntiḥ Śāntiḥ

You can also do it as a separate practice, for as long as you like. (One full mālā of 108X is lovely!)

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